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Xem Nhiều 12/2022 # Pokémon Games For Pc: Here Are Our Favourite Alternatives / 2023 # Top 16 Trend

Cập nhật thông tin chi tiết về Pokémon Games For Pc: Here Are Our Favourite Alternatives / 2023 mới nhất trên website Docdaochinhban.com. Hy vọng nội dung bài viết sẽ đáp ứng được nhu cầu của bạn, chúng tôi sẽ thường xuyên cập nhật mới nội dung để bạn nhận được thông tin nhanh chóng và chính xác nhất.

Can you play the classic Pokémon games on PC? Err, probably, but we wouldn’t know anything about illegal activities like that. What you want instead are some excellent, legal alternatives. Nintendo’s world-changing Pokémon series is celebrating 25 years of monster-catching, and us PC players certainly deserve a slice of that battle-flavoured pie. Let’s face it: who doesn’t enjoy a spell of kidnapping cute animals and forcing them to scrap, tooth and claw, now and again? Exactly.

Despite our beloved format being the spiritual home of turn-based combat, no official main series Pokémon game has yet made the jump to PC. We can’t exactly blame Nintendo for wanting to sell more Switch consoles, but we also can’t help but feel a small pang of jealousy every time we catch a glimpse of anything yellow and electric out of the corner of our eyes. And remember: Pikachu rhymes with ‘PC too’.. Well, sort of.

To soothe our forlorn spirits, however, we do actually have an official Pokémon online game on PC – namely Pokémon TCG Online, a card battle game that is free to play, offering both single-player and multiplayer challenges for Pokémon card game fans. While it might not offer the Pokéball pitching action of the beloved handheld games, you’ll still need to collect Pokémon cards and trade with your friends – anyone got a shiny Charizard?

Though we still long to catch ’em all on the very best platform there ever was, there are a handful of similar – and excellent – titles that have set up shop on PC. Some ape Pokémon’s structure closely, while others feature elements that are inspired by the grandparent of digital creature battlers.

Are there any Pokémon games on PC?


Pokémon Trading Card Game Online

We’re not saying it’s a classic, but it’s an official Pokémon game that’s officially available on PC. Battle against your rival Trainers in the free-to-play Pokémon Trading Card Game Online. While there are a wide range of popular online card games out there, the charming Pokémon artwork and the characters we all know and love make this one stand out from the pack.

If that doesn’t quite satisfy your creature-collecting urges, we’re sadly not expecting Pokémon on Steam any time soon, but there are many alternatives to Pokémon available on PC and all of them are built on the core components of collection and cute(ish) beasts.

Here are the best games like Pokémon for PC:


This Poke-like may be unashamedly inspired by Game Freak’s cherished creature catcher, but it brings plenty of new ideas. The biggest difference you’ll find here is a sense of challenge. Temtem swiftly brings it to your notice when your tamer rival thumps you in your opening battle. After that, you’ll find going from town to town difficult as potions are expensive, so resource management comes into play.

Temtem’s battle system is equally demanding of your attention. Each one of your tems has a stamina bar, strengths and weaknesses, and fights are two-on-two. If you want to succeed in winning fights and making it to the next town, you’ll need to have a full team of well trained tems. If you want something that’s close to the Pokémon series, you can’t get much closer than this.


In a galaxy far, far away is a world where sentient slimes roam free. In Slime Rancher, you inherit a slime ranch, so it’s now your responsibility to get it up and running by collecting every type of slime. They come in all manner of colours and varieties, each bringing with it varying properties – and associated challenges. You can even go vegan, if you want.

In Pokémon, you have to complete your Pokédex as you gradually imprison an increasingly alarming number of sentient creatures and force them to fight each other in gladiatorial bouts. In Slime Rancher, however, there’s the quite charmingly named Slimepedia to keep track of your livestock. There are 90 colourful slimes to collect, including pink slimes, rock slimes, puddle slimes, fire slimes… you get the picture.


Decisions made outside of Pokémon battles are as important as the choices made in them. Slay the Spire gets this. Building a deck with excellent synergy between cards requires the same thought process as constructing a winning Pokémon party. Creating powerful combinations and seeing a battle go as you planned is at the core of all card combat games, of course, but Slay the Spire is one of the best. It’s moreish, brilliant design hearkens back to Pokémon’s heady trading card days.

World of Final Fantasy

This spin-off sees you explore the world of Grymoire, collecting Mirages – cute versions of classic Final Fantasy creatures. That mechanic reminds us of… something. Oh yeah: Pokémon. To wield your captured Mirages in battle, you have to organise them into strategic stacks – and here’s where further similarities with Nintendo’s series reveal themselves.

The stacking system in World of Final Fantasy is an utterly charming twist on Pokémon’s battle formula, you see. And rediscovering all of your favourite Final Fantasy creatures in chibi form is simply adorable and more than reason enough to give this one a go.

Digimon Masters Online

Back in the ’90s, Pokémon overtook Digimon to become the ultra-successful Japanese media franchise it is today. But today, Digimon is the only one of the two that’s made the jump to PC.

Digimon Masters Online is an MMO where you train and evolve the eponymous creatures by battling other players. Digimon evolve into stronger forms with special attacks, similar to Pokémon, but Digimon Masters battles are real-time, not turn based. As such, you’ll need to keep your wits about you!

Ni No Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom

And then there are Ni No Kuni II’s Higgledies. They help your party during battles, can heal characters, attack enemies, and even shield the group with protective spells. They’re cute little companions who help you to win against impossible odds, and would fit perfectly into Pokémon’s next generation.

Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch Remastered

If the sequel is too much of a curve ball for you, then the original Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch is more like Pokémon, and also surprisingly difficult. It also benefits from a glorious collaboration between RPG masters Level-5 and the legendary Studio Ghibli.

Battles feature a curious blend of real-time and turn-based combat mechanics, so does take some getting used to if you’re coming from the handheld Pokémon games. But the important part is that you fight alongside monsters that you capture, befriend, and train just like in Pokémon.


Farming and dance training is just the beginning, too. You can explore strange lands, talk to friendly neighbours, and indulge in the relaxing routines of town life. It’s also so ridiculously cute you may not be able to stand it. Ooblets is out now in Early Access on the Epic Game Store.

10 Best Pokémon Games For Android / 2023

Read more:

Magikarp Jump

Price: Free with in-app purchases

Magikarp Jump is one of the newest Pokémon games on the list. It’s a simple little casual game. Your job is to train Magikarp. The goal is to make him flop higher than your opponent’s Magikarp. It may seem a little silly because it definitely is. You’ll have to feed it, train it, and put it through competitions to make it stronger. It features cameos from other Pokémon along with some customizations. Like Camp Pokémon, it’s definitely made for casual gamers.

Price: Free

Pokémon Go hit the world like a ton of bricks. It is without a doubt the most popular Pokémon game on mobile. There aren’t a lot of people who don’t know how this game works. You walk around in the real world, catch Pokémon, level them up, and then use them to battle gyms. The real world element also motivates you to leave the couch and go meet new people. There are various things to make the game more engage like in-game events. The fad has died down a lot. However, that just made more room for the real Pokémon Go fans. Updates continue to add new content, new game modes, new Pokemon, and new activities for trainers.


Pokemon Home

Price: Free / $15.99 per year

Pokemon Home isn’t technically a game. However, it is an add-on for other Pokemon games. It serves a bank and you can send your Pokemon there to transfer them between other games. Thus, if you have a Pokemon in Alpha Sapphire that you want in Sword or Shield, this is the app that lets you do it. Additionally, it has a Pokedex to keep track of your overall progress along with the ability to send Mystery Gifts and even trade with other players. It runs $15.99 per year, but it’s a small price to play for hardcore players. Do beware, though, because the app does still need some more features and tools than it currently has.

Price: Free to play

Pokemon Masters is one of the newer options on mobile, comparatively speaking. You team up with other trainers for three vs three battles with all of your Pokemon at once. It’s by DeNA, the developers of Final Fantasy Record Keeper so the developers have some knowledge about doing free to play games from large franchises. The game features trainers from most of the Pokemon games as well as a PvP and co-op multiplayer mode. It’s brand new so there are still some growing pains, but it should be fairly popular. We also have a bunch of tutorials linked up at the end of the article if you want more info.


Pokemon Playhouse

Price: Free

Price: Free to play

Pokémon Quest is another newer Pokémon game from 2018. It’s also one of the few cross-platform Pokémon games. You can play on mobile or on Nintendo Switch. The Pokémon world is in cubes, but your goal remains mostly the same. You catch Pokémon, train them, and battle them. There is also a campground where players customize the space and make it their own. This is a full game unlike something such as Camp Pokémon or Pokémon Playhouse. Thus, we only recommend it for older kids and adults. There are a few bugs in the game play, but nothing overly serious. Admittedly, it’s not quite as fun as a main series Pokémon game.


Pokemon Shuffle Mobile

Price: Free to play

Pokémon Shuffle Mobile was one of the first Pokémon games on mobile. It is essentially a classic match-three style game with some added combat mechanics. You have to match up a bunch of shapes in order to attack your foe. You get larger attacks if you match more than three shapes at once. It otherwise acts like any other Pokémon game. It’s a casual game. Thus, it’s not difficult to play and you’ll be grinding for new stuff often (or paying for it). That doesn’t make it bad or anything, just more friendly to a casual audience. It is not as deep as some other Pokémon games on this list.

Price: Free to play

Pokémon TCG Online is a mobile, freemium version of the popular trading card game. Players collect various Pokémon cards, build decks, and challenge other players. It works a lot like games such as Hearthstone or Clash Royale, but with Pokémon mechanics. It has online PvP, AI opponents for non-PvP play, various customization elements, and a lot more. It’s a freemium game like we said earlier. That means there is a pay-to-win element with this one. Otherwise, it’s quite a bit of fun. It competes favorably with Pokémon Duel as a slightly more serious, but still very casual Pokémon game.


Nintendo DS Pokemon games

Price: Free / Varies

Price: Free / Varies

There are a bunch of Pokémon games for older game systems as well. Game Boy and Game Boy color saw the classic Pokémon Red, Blue, and Yellow along with Gold, Silver, and Crystal (Game Boy Color only). Game Boy Advance had Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire, FireRed, LeafGreen, and Emerald. Again, we do not condone piracy so do try to buy these games before emulating them on your phone or tablet. That said, we have a list of the best Game Boy emulators (including Color and Advance) at the button above. Check those out and find the one that works best for you. Between these, the DS ones, and the mobile games, you’re actually only missing a handful of Pokémon games on Switch and Nintendo 3DS. You otherwise have access to all of them.

Live Updates: Here’S What Alpharetta, Milton Businesses, Restaurants Are Doing In Response To Coronavirus Concerns / 2023

Editor’s note: This list will be continue to be updated. Have a restaurant or business to include? Email alpnews@communityimpact.com.

The city of Alpharetta passed an emergency ordinance March 20 stating that dine-in services at all restaurants, bars and other food-serving establishments within city limits are prohibited until further notice. Alcoholic beverage delivery is allowed as long as food is also purchased, and takeout, takeaway and deliveries are still permitted. The city of Milton has not passed a similar ordinance as of publication March 23, but some businesses are responding to coronavirus concerns individually.

Here is how Alpharetta and Milton business and restaurant owners are operating amid coronavirus concerns and Alpharetta’s restaurant mandate.

Updated 3:41 p.m. April 7

Alpharetta restaurants:

2BWhole Gluten-Free Bakery, located at 42 Milton Ave., Ste. B, Alpharetta, offers to-go, delivery and curbside pickup. Guests can still go in the bakery, but there is a two-person limit inside. To order takeout or curbside pickup, guests can call the bakery or order online. 2BWhole also offers delivery on the website or via DoorDash and Uber Eats. 470-395-5248. www.2bwhole.net

Alpine Bakery and Trattoria, located at 12315 Crabapple Road, Alpharetta, offers delivery via ChowNow and DoorDash, and pickup is also available via phone. 770-410-9883. www.alpinebakeryandtrattoria.com

Altobeli’s Restaurant & Piano Bar, located at 3000 Old Alabama Road, Alpharetta, launched a new online ordering site March 22 after dine-in services were no longer allowed. Guests can order takeout or curbside pickup directly from Altobeli’s, or order delivery via GrubHub. 770-664-8055. www.altobelis2go.com

Antico, located at 3185 Avalon Blvd., Alpharetta, closed its dining room and offers takeout online or delivery through Uber Eats, Postmates and DoorDash. 770-674-8811. www.littleitalia.com

Barleygarden Kitchen & Craft Bar, located at 900 Avalon Blvd., Alpharetta, is offering weekend popups on Fri.-Sat. from noon-8 p.m. until further notice, the first of which kicked off April 4. The popups feature a limited to-go food menu with beer, wine and mixed drinks available for to-go orders with the purchase of food. 678-266-6220. www.barleygardenkitchen.com

Bocado Burger, located at 2820 Old Milton Parkway, Alpharetta, offers pickup and delivery orders on the restaurant’s website as well as via DoorDash and ChowNow. 678-248-5223. www.bocadoburger.com

Botiwalla, located at 24 S. Main St., Alpharetta, is temporarily closed. www.botiwalla.com/alpharetta

BurgerFi, located at 5475 Windward Parkway, Alpharetta, offers pickup and delivery services online. 770-817-4658. chúng tôi

Butcher & Brew, located at 3 S. Main St., Alpharetta, is temporarily closed. www.butcherandbrewshop.com

Carson Kitchen, located at 4 S. Main St., Alpharetta, is closed until at least April 6. www.carsonkitchen.com

Citizen Soul, located at 60 S. Main St., Alpharetta, closed its dining room but offers takeout and delivery online. 678-317-3232. www.citizensoul.com

Coalition Food and Beverage, located at 50 Canton St., Ste. 108, Alpharetta, has partnered with sister restaurants Table & Main and Osteria Mattone-located in Roswell-to offer a combined limited menu. The menu is available for ordering from noon-8 p.m. Tue.-Sat. and can be found pinned to the top of each restaurant’s Facebook page. Pickup is available only at Osteria Mattone, located at 1095 Canton St., Roswell, from 4-8 p.m. and can be ordered by calling 678-878-3378 or 678-869-5178. www.facebook.com/CoalitionFandB

Colletta, located at 900 Third St., Alpharetta, has 10% off to-go orders and curbside pickup is available as well. Call to order. 678-722-8335. www.collettarestaurant.com

Crust Pasta & Pizzeria, located at 131 S. Main St., Alpharetta, is now providing takeout and curbside pickup orders while its dining room is closed. Guests can call to order during business hours from noon-9 p.m. Sun.-Thu. and noon-10 p.m. Fri.-Sat. 770-777-6789. www.crust-pizzeria.com

Flatlands Bourbon & Bayou, located at 52 N. Main St., Alpharetta, offers takeout and curbside pickup services via phone. Delivery is also available via DoorDash. 470-242-5458. www.flatlands52.com

Galeto Brazilian Steakhouse, located at 2355 Mansell Road, Alpharetta, is temporarily closed. www.galeto.com/location/galeto-alpharetta-ga

Holmes Restaurant, located at 50 S. Main St., Alpharetta, offers takeout only. Visit the website or call to order. 678-691-8320. www.restaurantholmes.com/togo

Kilwins, located at 251 Market St., Alpharetta, is still open for normal business hours. The shop now offers curbside delivery via phone. 470-268-4328. www.kilwins.com/stores/alpharetta

La Casa Italian Grill, located at 37 Old Roswell St., Alpharetta, is closed until further notice. www.lacasaitaliangrill.com

M Thai Street Food, located at 875 N. Main St., Ste. 301, Alpharetta, is temporarily closed. www.mthaistreetfood.com

Marlow’s Tavern, located at 3719 Old Alabama Road, Alpharetta, offers to-go and curbside pickup orders. Call to order. 678-248-5230. www.marlowstavern.com

Nahm Thai Cuisine, located at 5310 W. Windward Parkway, Alpharetta, offers takeout and delivery, with 20% off all takeout and delivery orders. Guests ordering $100 or more can receive free delivery. 678-762-1818. www.nahmfinethaicuisine.com

The Nest Cafe, located at 58 Canton St., Ste. 101, Alpharetta, is offering to-go orders and delivery via DoorDash or Uber Eats. To place a to-go order, call or visit the website. 678-231-2477. www.thenestcafe.net

Never Enough Thyme, located at 8 S. Main St., Alpharetta, offers delivery, curbside pickup and to-go orders via phone or on the restaurant’s website. 470-395-3977. www.neverenoughthyme.net

Pepperoni’s Tavern, located at 4190 Old Milton Parkway, Ste. 2A, Alpharetta, is offering curbside pickup and carryout orders by phone or on the restaurant’s website. Delivery is available via Uber Eats. 770-343-8228. www.pepperonistavern.com

Ray’s at Killer Creek, located at 1700 Mansell Road, Alpharetta, is temporarily closed. www.rayrestaurants.com/raysatkillercreek

Rumi’s Kitchen, located at 7105 Avalon Blvd., Alpharetta, is temporarily closed. www.rumiskitchen.com

Salt Factory Pub, located at 102 S. Main St., Alpharetta, is temporarily closed. www.saltfactorypub.com/alpharetta

South City Kitchen, located at 9000 Avalon Blvd., Alpharetta, is temporarily closed from March 17-29. www.avalon.southcitykitchen.com

South Main Kitchen, located at 9 S. Main St., Alpharetta, is temporarily closed. www.southmainkitchen.com

Taziki’s Mediterranean Cafe, located at 5306 Windward Parkway, Alpharetta, is open for delivery and curbside pickup orders as well as any pickup catering orders. Orders can be placed by phone or online Mon.-Sat. 11:15 a.m.-7:45 p.m. and Sun. 11:15 a.m.-2:45 p.m. 470-235-5614. www.tazikis.com

Ted’s Montana Grill, located at 6100 Avalon Blvd., Alpharetta, is temporarily closed. www.tedsmontanagrill.com

True Food Kitchen, located at 2140 Avalon Blvd., Alpharetta, is temporarily closed from March 18-27. www.truefoodkitchen.com/alpharetta

Truck & Tap, located at 30 Milton Ave., Alpharetta, shorted its hours to 2:30-9:30 p.m. Sun.-Sat., offering to-go orders only. Call or visit the restaurant to order. 770-680-2760. www.truckandtap.com

Village Tavern, located at 11555 Rainwater Drive, Alpharetta, is offering to-go and curbside pickup orders via Facebook and phone. 770-777-6490. www.villagetavern.com

Wildflour, located at 5815 Windward Parkway, Ste. 210, Alpharetta, shortened its hours to 11 a.m.-2 p.m. Mon.-Sat. and offers to-go orders via phone. Delivery is also available via DoorDash. 678-822-9453. www.wildflouratlanta.com

Milton restaurants:

7 Acre barNgrill, located at 850 Hickory Flat Road, Milton, is temporarily closed until further notice. Guests can purchase 7 Acre’s cakes and pies at Roswell Provisions for a limited time, located at 955 Canton St., Ste. 110, Roswell. www.7acrebarngrill.com

BobbyG’s Chicago Eatery & Sports Bar, located at 12990 Hwy. 9, Milton, is closed temporarily until further notice. www.bobbygs.com

Brooklyn Joe’s Pizza, Pasta & Grill, located at 13065 Hwy. 9, Milton, closed its dining room March 25 but offers curbside pickup, to-go and delivery orders. Call the restaurant to order. 770-754-0202. www.brooklynjoespizza.com

Milton’s Cuisine & Cocktails, located at 800 Mayfield Road, Milton, closed its dining room and began offering curbside pickup as of March 19 with delivery services available via Uber Eats. Hours have changed to 2-8 p.m. Sun.-Sat. 770-817-0161. www.miltonscuisine.com

Olde Blind Dog Irish Pub, located at 12650 Crabapple Road, Ste. 100, Milton, is offering a limited menu for delivery and pickup orders as well as family-size meals, a fish fry every Friday from 4-7 p.m., weekly specials from Tue.-Thu., packaged beer and wine and growlers of Guinness beer. Guests can order on the restaurant’s website or through Uber Eats, DoorDash and Grubhub. 678-624-1090. www.oldeblinddog.com

Scratch Fresh, located at 12890 Hwy. 9, Milton, began offering family meals to-go-which feeds four people-in addition to individual meals. To-go orders must be picked up by 3 p.m., and curbside pickup is also available. Delivery services are in the works. 678-393-9059. www.scratchfreshburgers.com

The Union Restaurant, located at 14275 Providence Road, Milton, closed its doors temporarily from March 17 until further notice. www.theunionrestaurant.com

Yan’s Cafe, located at 12890 Hwy. 9, Milton, offers pickup and delivery services Mon.-Sat. while its dining room is closed. Pickup is available from 11 a.m.-9 p.m. and delivery is available from 4-9 p.m. Guests can order online at the restaurant’s website or by phone. 678-638-0868. www.yanscafemilton.com

Your Pie, located at 2955 Bethany Bend, Ste. 300, Milton, closed its dining room March 28 but offers delivery, curbside pickup and to-go orders. The restaurant also adjusted its hours, now open Mon.-Sat. 11 a.m.-8 p.m. and closed on Sundays. Guests can call or go online to order. 470-210-5151. www.yourpie.com

Alpharetta businesses:

The Ballog, located at 235 Market St., Alpharetta, closed its doors temporarily but is still taking orders via the new store website, which launched March 25. Guests can have orders shipped to them, arrange curbside pickup or delivery from one of the shop’s staff members. www.theballog.com

Magnolia Moon, located at 245 Market St., Alpharetta, is now offering free shipping on online orders, and curbside delivery is also available. 470-375-3460. www.magnoliamoonoutfitters.com

Mountain High Outfitters, located at 405 S. Broad St., Alpharetta, offers curbside and in-store pickup options. 470-268-7175. www.mountainhighoutfitters.com

Perched Alpharetta, located at 215 Market St., Alpharetta, closed its doors temporarily beginning March 22 until further notice. Online ordering is still available via direct message on Facebook, email or on the website. Curbside pickup is still available upon request. 678-899-8015 or shopperched@gmail.com. www.shopperched.com

The Red Hound, located at 211 Market St., Alpharetta, offers curbside pickup but no in-store shopping as of March 21. Guests can order items online or via phone. 678-624-7733. www.theredhoundgifts.com

Milton businesses:

Whitetail Bicycles, located at 770 Mid Broadwell Road, Milton, limited its hours temporarily beginning March 16, no longer accepts cash and discontinued the option of refilling reusable mugs or cups for its coffee shop. The online store remains fully operational. 470-282-6789. https://whitetailbicycles.com

Mon Club Game Đổi Thưởng 2022 / 2023

MON CLUB là gì?

Với những ai đam mê quay hũ hay các tựa game bài đổi thẻ thì Monclub là một lựa chọn tuyệt vời. Ở đây, bạn chơi quay hũ đổi thưởng, game bài với 52 lá bài tây đa dạng. Tiền thắng cược dễ dàng đổi thưởng chỉ trong nháy mắt. Hay bạn được giải trí, nhận quà bao la từ những trò mini game đang Hot nhất trên thị trường.

Thú vị hơn, Mon Club hạn chế tối đa hiện tượng giật, lag do kết nối kém. Cổng game này hoạt động trên nền tảng công nghệ tiên tiến nhất. Giúp người chơi có được những trải nghiệm trọn vẹn.

Link vào MON CLUB – Cách tải MON CLUB

Muốn tải cổng game Mon Club, đầu tiên bạn phải tìm cho mình được đường link truy cập tốt. Đảm bảo đường truyền mạng ổn định rồi vào chúng tôi download tải về phiên bản thích hợp. Vì sao lại nói là phiên bản thích hợp? Đó là vì Monclub xây dựng nền tảng cho cả máy tính, thiết bị di động chạy hệ điều hành Android và iOS.

Giao diện game đẳng cấp cùng đồ họa sang trọng

Các đề mục được sắp xếp khoa học, trò chơi phân chia hợp lý. Dù có kho trò chơi đa dạng, nhưng khi tham gia chơi online tại Mon Club, bạn sẽ không mất nhiều thời gian để tìm kiếm các trò chơi.

Thể loại game bài có tại MON CLUB

Tài xỉu

Hội cao thấp

Vương quốc ken

Hội thi chim

Phú hộ

Kho báu Long cung

Bầu cua

Tửu lầu

Tiến lên miền nam


Cùng hàng loạt mini game: Tài xỉu, hội thi chim, phú hộ, Bầu cua, hội cao thấp, mini poker.

Nạp tiền – Rút tiền uy tín

Mon club có chế độ rút thẻ cào qua 3 nhà mạng Zing, Viettel, Vinakhông cần đợi xét duyệt. Vì thế, các gamer cứ thỏa thích chơi và đổi thưởng bất cứ lúc nào.

Đối với việc nạp tiền: Người chơi chỉ cần thực hiện vài thao tác nhỏ trên giao diện Mon Club . Nhà cái mang đến 3 loại mệnh giá tiền tệ cho Chế độ nạp – rút dễ dàng, nhanh chóng hoàn toàn tự động. Tiện lợi hơn với tính năng rút thẻ cào điện thoại 24/7.

Chăm sóc khách hàng 24/7

Với đội ngũ tư vấn viên chuyên môn sâu, đông về số lượng, phục vụ 24/7,…B29 mang tới cho khách chơi những trải nghiệm hài lòng. Bất cứ thắc mắc nào của bạn cũng sớm được hệ thống giải đáp trong thời gian ngắn nhất. Đặc biệt, cách phục vụ chuyên nghiệp của casino này mang tới cho khách chơi cảm giác dễ chịu, sự hài lòng. Nhờ thế, bạn thêm sảng khoái mỗi khi tham gia đặt cược trực tuyến cũng như tránh xa những mệt mỏi, áp lực từ cuộc sống và công việc hiệu quả hơn bao giờ hết.

Hệ thống bảo mật tối ưu

Lựa chọn một nhà cái uy tín tham gia cá cược thì cũng đảm bảo được thông tin cá nhân của người chơi an toàn, tránh được những rủi ro nhất định.

Đặc biệt, hệ thống bảo mật và độ uy tín của game mon club sẽ giúp bạn luôn yên tâm về tài khoản của mình! Game phát triển rất nhẹ chỉ với 10MB bất kể điện thoại gì chúng tôi đều chạy mượt trên máy phù hợp. Game cải tiến nâng cấp liên tục giảm lag, mất kết nối khi quay thưởng hay đánh bài đảm bảo cho bạn những người chơi không lo bị đứt mạng.

Hướng dẫn cách chơi game tại MON CLUB

Bạn hãy tìm link chính thức của nhà cái để đăng ký. Khi bạn nhấp link chính bạn sẽ thấy trang chủ của nó. Sau đó bạn nhấn vào “đăng ký”, lúc này màn hình sẽ hiển thị bảng đăng ký.

Bước 2: Điền chính xác thông tin đăng ký.

Tại bước hướng dẫn đăng ký Mon Club bạn phải điền đủ những thông tin bắt buộc để đăng ký tài khoản nhà cái Mon Club. Điều đó có thể quản lý được thành viên chuẩn và nhanh nhất.

Bước 3: Xác nhận đăng ký tài khoản thành công.

Sau khi bạn đã hoàn tất bước 1, 2, tiếp tục nhấn “tham gia” để hoàn tất quy trình đăng ký tài khoản tại Mon Club. Lúc này bạn đã đăng ký thành công và chuẩn bị trải nghiệm những trò chơi hấp dẫn tại B29 Club và nhận được phần thưởng lớn.

Hướng dẫn nạp tiền

Hướng dẫn chi tiết thao tác nạp tiền tại cổng game MON CLUB:

· Nạp tiền qua ngân hàng

B1: Đăng nhập tài khoản vào game. Chọn nút Nạp tiền rồi điền các thông tin theo form yêu cầu.

– Ngân hàng: chọn ngân hàng mà bạn muốn chuyển khoản

– Phương thức: chọn phương thức mà bạn sử dụng để nạp tiền

– Số tiền: nhập số tiền mà bạn nạp vào game

– Người gửi: điền họ và tên người gửi tiền

Ghi chú: điền mã giao dịch tương ứng

B2: Sau khi đã hoàn thành việc điền thông tin, chọn nút Nạp tiền để xác nhận thực hiện giao dịch. Sẽ mất vài phút để hệ thống kiểm tra dữ liệu và cập nhật số tiền vừa nạp vào tài khoản

· Nạp tiền qua Ví điện tử

B1: Trong phần Nạp tiền, chọn tab Ví điện tử sau đó điền các thông tin theo form yêu cầu như sau:

– Số tiền: nhập số tiền muốn nạp vào game

– Số điện thoại người gửi: điền số điện thoại của người gửi tiền

– Ghi chú: nhập mã giao dịch tương ứng

B2: Chờ vài phút để hệ thống cập nhật tiền trong tài khoản.

· Nạp tiền bằng thẻ cào điện thoại

B1: Ở mục nạp tiền, chọn tab Thẻ cào rồi điền đầy đủ thông tin theo yêu cầu.

Chọn loại thẻ muốn nạp vào game trong ba nhà mạng Viettel, Vinafone và Mobifone.

Chọn mệnh giá thẻ cào muốn nạp

Nhập số seri và mã thẻ cào.

B2: Nhấn vào Nạp tiền và chờ đợi trong vài phút để hệ thống xác nhận và cập nhật tiền trong tài khoản.

Hướng dẫn rút tiền

Tương tự với nạp tiền thì rút tiền MON CLUB cũng sử dụng hình thức rút tiền thông qua thẻ ngân hàng được liên kết với tài khoản game. Bạn có thể sử dụng hình thức này khi mà tài khoản ngân hàng của bạn được liên kết với tài khoản game của bạn.

Nếu như đã thực hiện liên kết thì có thể truy cập vào trang web MON CLUB để bắt đầu thực hiện rút tiền. Trên giao diện của trang web sẽ có phần mục cho các bạn lựa chọn. Bao gồm rút tiền, nạp tiền, chọn game, những ứng dụng khác. Thì bạn có thể lựa chọn mục rút tiền để bắt đầu thực hiện rút tiền về tài khoản ngân hàng của mình.

Sau khi chọn mục rút tiền, bạn phải nhập mật mã để xác nhận. Tiếp theo đó sẽ thực hiện các thao tác là lựa chọn ngân hàng mà bạn liên kết. Bước cuối cùng là lựa chọn mệnh giá tiền cũng là số tiền bạn sẽ thực hiện rút về tài khoản.

Như vậy anh em đã biết được chi tiết các bước nạp rút tiền tại cổng game MON CLUB. Mọi thao tác đều đơn giản nhưng lại vô cùng an toàn và bảo mật phải không? Anh em có thể yên tâm chơi vô tư tại cổng game này mà không phải lo lắng bất kì vấn đề gì cả. Chúc anh em thành công!

Khuyến mãi Game bài đổi thưởng MON CLUB

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Bạn đang xem bài viết Pokémon Games For Pc: Here Are Our Favourite Alternatives / 2023 trên website Docdaochinhban.com. Hy vọng những thông tin mà chúng tôi đã chia sẻ là hữu ích với bạn. Nếu nội dung hay, ý nghĩa bạn hãy chia sẻ với bạn bè của mình và luôn theo dõi, ủng hộ chúng tôi để cập nhật những thông tin mới nhất. Chúc bạn một ngày tốt lành!